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EZneer - Born for Vneer

EZneer - Born for Vneer

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[ Introduction ]

Specially developed for zirconia veneers, EZneer has broken the previous translucency limit of zirconia and brought the zirconia material to a new level in terms of translucency. While ensuring ultra-high translucency, the strength of the material is also much higher than the traditional veneer material glass ceramic. When you are making veneer restorations, EZneer will bring you a new material experience.

[ Parameters and application systems ]

Super high translucency 
/ Multilayer
Flexural strength
Coefficient of thermal 
expansion(CTE 25-500?)
Chemical solubility
Fracture toughness
Sintered density
Vickers hardness

[ Colors ]


[ EZneer+ LiSi Connect = Zirconia bonding solution ]

A layer of LiSi Connect is sprayed on the surface of the zirconia bonding surface, and after one sintering, LiSi Connect crystallizes on the surface of the zirconia into a lithium disilicate coating to complete the surface modification of the zirconia. The zirconia treated by LiSi connect has the same clinical bonding effect as glass ceramics, which helps the clinical bonding performance of zirconia.


[ Color Matching Products ]

The EZneer is equipped with a specified shade guide, clinical color matching guideline, clinical color matching manual and personalized color matching tool box, which allows the doctors and technicians to utilize the EZneer more efficiently and ultimately bring beautiful smiles to the patients.


[ Cases ]

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