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FlexiNylon 200 Gram, 500 gram or 1 KG

FlexiNylon 200 Gram, 500 gram or 1 KG

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New grade of quality in flexible nylon thermoplastics for flexible nylon Appliances by injection molding systems.

Non - allergenic flexible nylon

Perflex Flexi Nylon - light weight unbreakable, extremely resilient high-performance thermoplastic material, can be used for patients allergic to conventional acrylic restorations.

Flexi Nylon applications:

Partial dentures, flippers mini-dentures, night guards, TMJ splints, space maintainers, offering new advantages and performance, color stability, odor-less, with the ideal degree of flexibility.

Advantages: Flexi nylon partial dentures can be made thinner than traditional acrylic partials, while is more retentive, providing more comfort and confidence to patients.

Thanks to the high translucency of the material that blends with the natural tissue tone, for a natural appearance, Flexi Nylon is the NATURAL CHOICE for aesthetic, unbreakable flexible partial denture of today.

Our Techniques allow the processing laboratory to add teeth or rebase an existing partial.

Easy to polish with our new technique of finishing and polishing, in less time and getting excellent results.

Perflex Flexi Nylon is sold in a variety of shades: Standard Pink, Light Pink, Purple Pink, Natural.

Package: Box of 6 cartridges pre-dried, sealed and protected with plastic cap against moisture.

Sizes 25 diam and 28 diam:Medium, Large and EXTRA LARGE

Patient care instructions is provided with the denture for the patients.

Perflex Flexi Nylon is sold in bulks of 200gr. and 1kg.

Empty aluminum cartridges are sold separately.