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Biosens Cad

Biosens Cad

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For the production of removable partial dentures (RPD’S), invisible crystal clear frame-works, night guards, full dentures implant retained dentures, clasps, and other metal-free removable dental appliances processed by CAD/CAM milling machines.

Biosens is made of monomer-free material, nonallergenic, nonporous, bacteria and stain resistant, ideal for Crystal Clear frameworks, which blends perfectly with the patient’s gums, providing better function, aesthetics, comfort and durability.

Unlike conventional metal partials, Biosens Cad is a clear transparent framework that is light weight and aesthetic, avoids metal taste, odorless and no change color over time.
Biosens Cad dentures blends perfectly with the patients gums, providing better function and comfort. Bonds chemically to any acrylic resin and composites for repairs in lab or chairside.

Biosens consist of high tensile and flexural strength, fatigue resistance, low moisture absorption and excellent dimensional stability.

When used for any type of denture, eliminates the need of metal reinforcements and metal clasps, improving aesthetics and patient comfort avoiding the aesthetic compromise of metal clasp, which is replaced with a transparent clear clasp with occlusal rest, not involving gums for healthier gums and tooth preservation.

Existing denture made of Biosens Cad can be repaired and relined any time with any conventional self/cold acrylic, or by acrylic pouring technique. New clasps or tooth can be injected directly into the denture with Biosens thermoplastic resin by injection molding.

Through CAD/CAM production, Biosens Cad dentures eliminates the wax-up stage, investing, casting and finishing
The process is fast, clean, precise and cost-effective
After the milling process, the denture comes out nearly finished, final polishing is easy with minimal effort
Clasps are flexible and tooth bearing
Occlusal rests stops setting in order to reduce sore spots with less adjusting, grater functionality and excellent retention
Comfortable immediate adaptation by the patient
Virtually unbreakable
Biocompatible and non-allergenic
Light weight, durable and precise