Paro Sonic! Swiss toothbrush at its best! 80,000 MPM the only Sonic with Interdental head!

Paro® Smart-Sticks M/L, Light Green, ø 1.5/3.8 mm, 32 pcs

Paro® Smart-Sticks M/L, Light Green, ø 1.5/3.8 mm, 32 pcs

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Paro® smart-sticks XS/S, green

The paro® smart-sticks XS/S, green interdental brush is the perfect solution for those who want gentle and effective cleaning of the interdental space. With its soft rubber lamellas and angled tip, this metal-free interdental brush provides comprehensive coverage for a thorough cleaning.

  • Gentle and intuitive cleaning
  • Easy access to the molars
  • Stable and elastic to use
  • Soft rubber lamellas and rounded tip
  • Comprehensive and effective cleaning
  • Stimulating massage effect for healthy gum

The propeller arrangement of the soft rubber lamellas ensures complete coverage, while the XS/S size makes it easy to access even the tightest spaces. Plus, the brush provides a stimulating massage effect for healthy gums, creating a pleasant and refreshing sensation.

With paro® smart-sticks XS/S, green, you can enjoy gentle, yet thorough cleaning of your interdental space, giving you a healthy and radiant smile.