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50x Rosen Screw
50x Rosen Screw
50x Rosen Screw

50x Rosen Screw

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Use Rosen Screw and have a peace of mind!

Rosen Srew 1.4 Features:

  • Hand torque only
  • No TI Base Needed – Direct connection to MUA (compatible with Nobel)
  • Never loosens
  • Works on all materials
  • Screw channel never breaks
  • Digital library available
  • No More Ti-Base

    Ti-Base is not needed due to the geometry of the screw head, using Ti-Base has a potential of de-bonding and loosening of the prosthesis.

    Simple & Reliable:

    The digital Libraries of the screw allows direct connection of the prosthesis to the MUA. A true screw retained prosthesis.

    Can Be Tourqe By Hand Only:

    YES! The head geometry will lock into the screw channel and will provide locking and prevent loosening of the screw, also the screw can be tourqe up to 20N with any material like Resim, PMMA, Graphite and Zirkonia.

    Cost Efficient:

    The Screw cost is competitive with all other conventional screws in the market.