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Thermofix 200 Gram, 500 Gram or 1 KG

Thermofix 200 Gram, 500 Gram or 1 KG

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Biocompatible Thermoplastic for Immediate Impressions

Indications: individual trays, bite registrations, night and mouth guards,

for extending walls and making functional impressions, convenient matrix

for interim fabrication, jig in implants, anterior jig to record centric or vertical relationships, index of the opposing maxillary and mandibular quadrants,

graft donor sight protection, tooth protection during extraction

With a dip in hot water, this material softens to a pliable putty, which hardens into unbreakable plastic. Biocompatible Thermofix can be reformed as many times as it takes to get the perfect impression or bite and can even be shaped into sticks to be softened with a flame torch.

• FDA approved

• Takes less than one minute to use

• Dimensionally stable

• Can be fabricated directly in the mouth

• Smooth, glossy surface requires no polishing

• Quick fabrication of base plates with no complex equipment

• Dip in hot water to make material soft and pliable

• 5 minute bench set, or immediate setting in cold water

• No mixing or chemical polymerization

• Odorless and reusable

• Unbreakable when hard

• High levels of accuracy and precise detail

• Non-toxic and safe for contact with skin or food

• Easy to cut when in softened state

• Translucent white

• Available in 200 gr and 1kg jars