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SigmaOss™ Fiber Allograft Bone Fiber
SigmaOss™ Fiber Allograft Bone Fiber

SigmaOss™ Fiber Allograft Bone Fiber

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SigmaOss™ Fiber is 100% cortical bone fibers demineralized to expose their natural growth factors, enabling its osteoinductive potential by providing a scaffold structure that promotes cellular attachment. SigmaOss™ Fiber’s versatility allows for the graft to mold into the desired shape upon hydration. As a result of this moldability and versatility, the graft is confined to the desired shape and site, preventing the migration to adjacent tissue.

Cortical Type

REF Volume
DCOF100 1.0 cc
DCOF250 2.5 cc
DCOF500 5.0 cc

Indications for Use

  • Application
    Ridge augmentation, periodontal defect, sinus grafting, extraction site preservation
  • Safety
    Made possible through the generosity of American donors whose eligibility (screening and testing) is performed in accordance with AATB standards and FDA regulations
  • Capabilities
    Woven fiber network allows for easy shaping of graft to desired form
  • Versatility
    Osteoinductive grafting material capable of grafted alone or in combination with other grafting materials