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Dental Flexor CC Kit Relining Material by Mani Schutz

Dental Flexor CC Kit Relining Material by Mani Schutz

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Product information "Flexor CC Set"

Flexor CC is a soft relining material. The material is cold-curing and fulfills all demands to make it much more comfortable to wear. It is an automixing, permanently soft direct relining material, based on addition-curing silicone and supplied in cartridges (Automix).

Advantages and properties of Flexor CC:

  • Suitable for all PMMA acrylics
  • Permanently soft relines are quickly and easily fabricated directly in the patient's mouth by the dentist or indirectly in the laboratory
  • Easy handling and hygienic
  • Color stable
  • Biocompatible (free of methacrylates)
  • Extremely strong bond between denture and relining material
  • Cures at 37 °C within 5-6 minutes
  • Avoids sore spots on the upper and lower jaws
  • Seals the palatal vibrating line in cases where the denture is difficult to retain or the alveolar ridge is flabby
  • Creating an elasic periphery on upper dentures to increase the adhesion and enhance retention
  • Covering sharp aveolar ridges with an elastic material
  • In implantology for sealing implants and over-dentures during the healing period

Flexor CC set consists of:

  • Flexor CC Silicone cartridge 50 ml (Art.Nr. 250031)
  • Flexor CC Primer 4 ml (Art.Nr. 250032) bonds Flexor CC to the denture
  • Flexor CC high-shine lacquer catalyst 5 ml (Art.Nr. 250038)
  • Flexor CC high-shine lacquer basis 5 ml (Art.Nr. 250037) base and catalyst to smooth and protect grounded functional areas
  • Flexor Flexor polisher, 1 pc.
  • Brush red, 75 mm, 10 pc.
  • Mixing tips, 10 pc.
  • Mixing pad, 2 pc

 Long expiration Date